Elementals is more than just a creative writing course. Aimed at high school and beyond, it provides those writing skills that are not just essential in the real world, but also foundational. This is what you build all of your communications on.

And, just as there are four elemental forces in the world – earth, fire, wind, and water – there are four foundational and elemental parts to writing in the real world. I keep saying real world, don’t I? That’s because Elementals is designed to tackle those things that are important in the world now, those forms of writing that – even if the very basics are mastered – will push you ahead of the curve and make you stand out from the rest.

There are three key areas that are opened up in this course. We have media, which is anything you write directed to the outside world. We have academics, which is any type of writing you use for learning. Finally, we have business writing, which is anything you direct to a business, or within a business

And because there are four elemental forces in the world, all this is divided into four, foundational areas.

In Module 1 we start with academic writing. Now, this form is not only good for high-school – it goes far beyond that as well, through higher education and any kind of learning you decide to do. Because it is foundational to how you approach all manner of writing, this Module will focus on the four main types of essays: expository, analytical, persuasive, and narrative. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are: the course Information Booklet will give you everything you need to know.

In Module 2 we look at business writing: how to write an email, a report, and a memo. We’ll also look at how to write a job application or cover letter, and how to respond to customer complaints. This way, all the different types of formal communications that you need to know will be covered.

In Module 3 we look at short-form media. This includes writing for web pages and social media, and how to write press releases.

Finally, in Module 4 we look at long-form media. These include blog posts, newsletters, and sales copy. Sales copy is, of course, a form of writing that prompts your reader to buy something from you. There are rules – gleaned over years and years – about what works and what doesn’t. So that is just one of the foundational – and elemental – areas we’ll look at.

And then, we finish up Module 4 with some serious fun: how to write a script for a comic. Now, immediately you’re thinking: why are comics important? We don’t use Superman in the real world, do we? Well, I can assure you that comics are used again and again and over and over in the business world, especially when companies want to communicate information to staff – such as a policy change or some new information they must have, like a new process in the warehouse – in pictorial form. So how to take that process or piece of information, and create a script from which an illustrator can draw that comic, is a vital skill.

In addition, each Module is concluded with a Lesson on proofing and editing. This is not just ideas on how to go back and check for those little errors that inevitably creep in, but also on how to write solid work that is simple, clear, elegant, and resonant.

Each of these areas have different methods of planning, of course. You don’t plan an essay in the same way that you plan a newsletter, or a social media post. So, of course, I go into how to craft each different type.

You may have noticed that I don’t include archaic things like how to write a fax (the 90s called and they want their machine back), or writing news articles. You probably – unless you become a journalist – won’t need to know about this, as blog posts and newsletters are way more relevant today. So, what is included here is what is important now, in the real world of communication.

All these things, all the way through, are elemental, they’re foundational, and they teach you not only how to be proficient in each of these areas but – even more important – how to think critically about the job you have in front of you.

Elementals is not yet available, but will be quite soon! I am busy with putting on the final touches so keep an eye on this space for developments, or drop me a message for more information. Also, go ahead and download the Course Introduction Booklet so that you know exactly what is covered, how much it costs, and how you go about registering.