Elementals is more than just a creative writing course. Aimed at high school and beyond, it provides those writing skills that are not just essential in the real world, but also foundational. This is what you build all of your communications on.

And, just as there are four elemental forces in the world – earth, fire, wind, and water – there are four foundational and elemental parts to writing in the real world. I keep saying real world, don’t I? That’s because Elementals is designed to tackle those things that are important in the world now, those forms of writing that – even if the very basics are mastered – will push you ahead of the curve and make you stand out from the rest.

There are three key areas that are opened up in this course. We have media, which is anything you write directed to the outside world. We have academics, which is any type of writing you use for learning. Finally, we have business writing, which is anything you direct to a business, or within a business.

To get a full breakdown of the course and what it contains, go ahead and download the Elementals Introduction Booklet.

Unlike Daydreamers, Elementals is not a stand-alone product that you get once and are done with. Instead, it is mentoring and tutoring-based. That means that you can choose which of the lessons you want, and pay only for those.

For each of the lessons, you get time via video call with me, a lesson booklet and exercises, and feedback on your exercises for fine-tuning before we move onto the next one.