Module 2: Creating a Scene

Now that you know who your characters are, and where they are, it is time to create a Scene. To do this, we will first describe our Setting. The Setting is where your story will take place. Of course, there may be many Settings as you move through your story, but this one is going to be the opening Setting, where it all begins.

Once we have described the Setting, we are going to add some action to it. Adding action means that we now have not just a Setting, but a Scene. A Setting is what we call “static”. It just sits there, doing nothing. Once we add some action to it, the Setting begins to move. This is what we call “dynamic”, and the Setting is now a Scene.

Before you move onto the Workbooks for Lessons 3 and 4, watch the videos first.

Lesson 3: how to describe a Setting

Lesson 4: how to add action to a Setting to make a Scene

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