Register for Daydreamers

Registration is super easy. Simply complete the form, let me know the names of your Daydreamer or Daydreamers – and their ages – and you’re done.

I will send an invoice to you and – once sorted – all of your materials will be on their way.

What does it cost?

The Daydreamers course is only R340.00 per child.

If you are a school, a tutor centre, or anything else that requires a bulk purchase, then contact me at and we will talk about your requirements.

If you are outside of South Africa, then that is not a problem. I accept the following currencies, for single registrations: (at 6 January 2022)


Register here:

If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours of registration, then it is entirely possible that I haven’t received it. Web stuff being what is it, please email me at and I will get onto your registration quickly.

Alternative payment methods:

Firstly, why do I even require payment for this course? Well, the simple answer is that I have expended many hours, and much effort, and some cost, to create it. Great graphic design, for example, doesn’t fall from the trees and I have Blue Sugar Designs to thank for the excellent graphics on both the video and paper content of this course. So, sure, some payment would be good. If only because I am providing a service and any service – if you hold to the intrinsic laws of nature – require some form of reciprocation. You show me where the bees are and I’ll open the hive. You get the bees, I get the honey.

But does “payment” mean actual currency? Rands and cents, dollars and pesos and yen and pounds and euros? No, not necessarily. It’s just easy and most people understand it.

You see, I am a big believer in the Agora, the idea that an exchange need not mean physical currency. You could, for example, pay me in cryptocurrency. It could be an energy exchange, whereby I do something for you and you do something for me. It could be barter: I give you tomatoes and you give me potatoes. It could be commodities, such as precious metals, bags of flour or boxes of canned food. It’s been done for centuries, no, millennia, and it still happens today.

So you are free to decide on what that payment might mean to you. Do you wish to pay in crypto? Do you have a service that I or may family may be able to benefit from, be it equivalent in currency value or even in perceived value? Do you grow vegetables or farm in chickens? Do you own a business that could issue me with a voucher for a service that I may find value in, or a product that I may need? Do you have stocks of a commodity that you could pass on? You know what I have. What do you have?

I don’t know. I don’t know what you have. But isn’t it worth finding out? If you would like to recommend an alternate to a physical currency exchange, then by all means use the text box in the Registration Form to make a suggestion to me. I’ll weigh it up.

And if you prefer to go the traditional currency exchange route, that is also perfectly fine. It’s an exchange, after all, and as long as we all agree, such is the way community flourishes.

(artwork credit: Jerm, 2021